How SnapShot Works

SnapShot can tell you a lot about your health.

Thanks to technology, blood tests don’t have to be hidden behind waiting rooms and medical staff. You can collect a blood sample on your own terms to unlock a whole new world of personalised health information.

Providing your own blood sample is not as daunting as it sounds - all it takes is a quick finger prick.

Once we receive your sample, it takes three days to analyse, after which your results will be available on your SnapShot dashboard.

Get Your SnapShot Kit

What’s inside your SnapShot kit?

What’s inside your SnapShot kit?

Your SnapShot kit contains everything you need to provide, collect, and safely send your sample.

There’s full instructions included to make sure your results will be accurate, with a few extra tips on best practice to make sure your sample is the best quality possible.

If you have trouble providing your sample, our support team is happy to help, and if you need to have another go we’ll send you a replacement kit free of charge.

How do I collect my sample?

Detailed instructions for how to collect your sample are included in the box, but if you would like to view them before ordering a kit, just click the link below.

Download Instructions